Kansas Auction License

Kansas Auction License

There are many people who want to become dealers and have a Kansas auction license. But before this, there is a long path to pass. Before taking any step, make sure that you picture the whole process.

The first thing that is relevant to start with is the provisions. So, correspondingly we would start out talking with reference to the latter-mentioned. It is no less important though to know that the process oversees and regulates the Department of Revenue or the DOR.

Requirements for Kansas Auction License

Well, to start we would say that the DOT expects you to provide the completed application form. It has to be signed by the treasurer of your county. The next paper needed is your dealer bond. It must be about $50.000.

Along with these, you are to show documents proving your zoning approval. You can obtain that from the zoning officials of your county. The next ones are the sales tax registration and the tax clearance paperwork.

That notice is a complete record for ensuring that the applicant matches all the criteria referring to the tax laws and taxes, expenses, and payments. Do not confound it with the Letter of Good Standing.

You have to provide documents on your insurance detailing the coverings as well. In case you are a sole owner or partnership, you are to deliver 3 credit references. The address has to be complete to decide the financial soundness.

In case you are an owner of a corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC), then you are to show a copy of the Articles of Corporation. The Secretary of State (SOS) has to file it. Proof of registration is another necessary record.

If you apply for a certificate for new cars, then there is another form that you are to fill out. You are to provide your identification photo and other photos from the location of your business as well. After providing all these, the only thing that remains is the fee.

Mandatory Requirements

The state demands you have an established location for the business that you want to start. This means that you have to have space for your operations. You ought to have room to store the records.

It must have a definite address so that you could receive packages. The next mandatory provision is the registered telephone number in the name of your company. Finally, a sign showing and clarifying the name of the company is demanded.

In case you ought to learn more data on the mandatory and location demands, call the above-mentioned phone number.

Application for the Kansas Auction License

After you collect your document and read the handbook, then this means that you are ready to submit the application. Make sure that you have all the paperwork. If you fail to deliver some of them, the DOR will not issue you what you want.

In another scenario, they’ll review the package that you have sent and will delay the process. Thus, try to be very accurate.

After the package is compiled and everything is crystal clear, send it to the address mentioned below:

KS Department of Revenue
Division of Vehicles
Topeka, KS 66626-0001
(785) 296-3621

Necessary Expenses

The certificate fee is $75. You must have a tag for the first time when you register. It costs $275. For every extra plate, you are to deliver a price of about $25.50.

You are to pay another $350.50 for every other full-use plate. Also, $35 is necessary to pay for an extra or secondary dealership place fee.

A Note For The Reader

You might also be interested in other information about this state. For example, if you do not know how to look up certificates in KS, then go by the link. It is the right place for you to learn something that may come in handy.

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