Kansas Marriage License

Kansas Marriage License

If you have decided to marry in Kansas and make your marriage official you should think of obtaining a Kansas marriage license. It is an official document that the state authorities issue before the couple’s marriage. Once you obtain the license, you can request a marriage certificate. Here the whole process is simplified for you.

Steps to obtain Kansas marriage license

There are two ways to obtain a Kansas marriage license: online or in person.

In-person application

To obtain a license you should

  • apply for a marriage license in the Kansas Court Clerk’s office

Either person may apply for the license by bringing a photo ID issued by the government. You will return with a worksheet and will have a 6months waiting period to complete it.

  • return to the office with the completed application

Again either person may complete the worksheet and return it to the office but both of the parties must sign the document. Afterward, you must pay the fee of $85.50. The office representatives will give you two forms that you will need for the ceremony. Besides, you will leave the office with a copy of records and a form. You should complete it after the ceremony for requesting the official license.

  • get married

The couple should marry within 6 months after completing and returning the worksheets. The officiant and two witnesses must complete the two forms you were provided with before. The ceremony should take place in Kansas.

  • bring back the two forms from the ceremony

The couple or alternatively another person should return or mail the paperwork from the ceremony to the office within 10 business days after the ceremony.

  • request a copy of the official license

You may request a marriage certificate from the Vital Statistics Office two weeks after returning the two forms. You may order the certificate by visiting this website. The ordering methods are the following: walk-in, internet, telephone, mobile app, will-call, regular, or priority mail. The fee due to pay for the certificate is $15.00.

Online application

Covid19 has changed the marriage license application process too. Now you can apply for this license online starting from 18th December 2020. For applying just visit the Kansas Court Clerk’s office website.

To apply online you should have an email and fill in the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Your gender
  • Race
  • Either a driver’s license number or social security number
  • Both parents’ full names and birth dates
  • Name change details if you intend to change your last name
  • Date of last divorce decree issuance or spouse death, in case this is not your first marriage
  • The highest educational level achieved
  • Applicant’s phone number

Unlike in Louisiana, you don’t have to present the required documents, you just need to provide the information.

Blood test

No blood test is required in Kansas.

Kansas marriage license processing period

Once your marriage license has been submitted the clerk starts processing the application. The processing period takes two weeks. So you will need at least two weeks after your application to obtain a marriage license. Hence, plan your marriage ceremony accordingly because you can’t get married officially in Kansas before getting the license.

Kansas marriage certificate

At least two weeks after the wedding you can request your marriage certificate. For the certified copy you need to contact the Vital Statistics Office, Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Name changing

If you marry you may decide to change your last name. You can do that at the time of marriage license application by presenting name change details or you may change your name later.

If you decide to do the name changing within 30 days after the ceremony you should apply to the Vital Statistics Office, Kansas Department of Health and Environment. You may decide to change your name after 30 days from the ceremony as well. If so, you should file a petition. In the petition, you ask the district court to change your name. For this, there is a filing fee.

When you change your name make sure your new name is reflected in other documents as well.

Marriage officiants and witnesses

Usually, couples also need an officiant to perform their wedding ceremony. The state law authorizes the following individuals to perform those services: an ordained clergyman from a religious denomination, licentiate of the church or any religious denomination, judges – both the current and the retired ones. There is an additional fee for this service.

However, you don’t need to write the name of your officiant at the time of the marriage license application. Besides, two individuals can become a husband and wife without an officiant as well.

In addition, two witnesses must view the ceremony. The witnesses must be 18 or older.

Kansas marriage license age requirements

Persons who are 18 and above, can easily obtain a marriage license. All they need is to present the required information.

Persons under 18, particularly those between the ages of 16 and 17 must have parent or guardian permission. They need to bring a completed consent form. There is a certain procedure for persons whose both parents are not alive. The same about the person who has no legal guardian. In that cases, a completed consent form by a judge may be required.

For persons under 16, the state does not issue a marriage license. Exceptions are 15 years old individuals. They can bring a judge’s consent form and marry. That form should confirm the marriage is in the individual’s best interest.

Kansas marriage license cost

A Kansas marriage license costs $85.50. The applicant must pay it at the time of application. You can pay this fee by debit card or credit card, electronic check, or cash. You will need to pay an additional $2.15 or $1.25 if you pay by a card or electronic check.

Kansas marriage license validity period

The marriage license in Kansas expiration period is 6 months from the date of issuance. If you do not marry during this period you should apply for the license again.

Proxy marriage in Kansas

Proxy marriage is a marriage between two people, when one or both of them is not physically present during the wedding.

The Vital Statistics Office also accepts a proxy marriage. There are two conditions for this. Firstly, one of the parties and the officiant must be in Kansas. Secondly, the witnesses should be there to view the whole ceremony. The wedding should take place in Kansas state.

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