Kansas Tattoo License

Kansas Tattoo License

The tattooist profession is in demand all over the world. Especially in the USA, it is very profitable. Meanwhile, it is one of the riskiest jobs. And it is not a secret that dealing with people’s skin may be harmful. There are many infections that spread with blood. That’s why the government controls body artists’ activity to avoid such cases. Besides, to make sure of their proficiency, the law requires a Kansas tattoo license. Surely, before performing in a state, you also should be aware of local standards and regulations. Above all, they refer to sanitation and hygiene.
Maybe, it seems hard. But don’t worry. We are here to help you and answer your questions related to this topic.

How to Get a License to Tattoo?

As we understand, without a valid permit, you cannot perform as a tattooist in Kansas. Compared to other states, KBOC has a stricter licensing process. For example, in Illinois, you don’t have to obtain an individual certificate. However, here you are to carry out many steps for earning it.

Firstly, you must attend a 1,200-hour Board accredited course. You also need to complete a practice consisting of 50 procedures. So, you will get prepared for the examination within 6 months. We see that, unlike in Iowa, here you have to take an exam as well. Moreover, it has written and practical portions.

Tattoo License Exam in KS

Indeed, first of all, you want to know what the main subjects are. Thus, the test aims to check your knowledge of:

  • Kansas Statutes
  • CDC Universal Precautions
  • OSHA bloodborne pathogens

What about the practical part, it generally covers disinfection of:

  • Hands and gloves
  • Equipment
  • Machine
  • Facility

It also includes sterilizer protocol and final cleaning. For examination applications, you must pay a fee of $50. In addition, there is an extra $75 for each type. In the case of failure, you will need to pay a retest fee of $75. By the way, the charges are non-refundable.

To succeed, you must gain 75% of the total score. You may schedule and choose a location with Ergometrics.

Establishment Permit

Note that you cannot provide services in a not certified parlor. So, before renting, make sure that the owner registered it. This means that the workplace has all the mandatory facilities.

To apply, you are to pay a $50 fee.


The process is the same for both licenses. Firstly, you should fill in the form. Proper samples are available on the official website of the Board. Then, make the payment online. After this, submit your request and wait for its approval.

It usually lasts 7-10 business days to process the application. However, in the case of establishment permits, you need to pass inspections, too. They ensure that the workstation meets the norms.

Applicant Requirements

When you apply for a Kansas tattoo license, you should:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • hold a high school diploma or equivalent education
  • present verification of training


To keep your qualification current, you are to refresh it annually. If you do that before the expiration date (the 31st of December), there will be no penalty.

Now, you can easily apply without visiting the office. Moreover, you have 3 options for the submission.

  • Online – Sign up and follow the instructions.
  • Via email – Write down a fillable PDF sample and send it to the [email protected].
  • By mail – Print the form and fill up the fields. Then, attach the receipt and direct the packet to KBOC:
    714 SW Jackson Street Ste. 100
    Topeka, KS – 66603

The price depends on the class that you have:

  • Apprentice – $15
  • Trainer – $15
  • Tattooist – $100
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